: Q: Should I season my cast iron grill pan/griddle (it's 2 sided) like a cast iron skillet?



pierino March 21, 2011
I season my cast iron by cooking bacon in it so that probably won't work for your grill. But you could use a canola oil spray on both sides and then place it over a hot flame. That should help retard rusting.
jwolfsthal March 21, 2011
is this a lodge double sided pan/griddle and (dumb question) is it the pre-seasoned variety they sell?

If not, then yes you should season. the same way you would a pan.
littleknitter March 21, 2011
I'd say yes - at the very least, it can't hurt :-) I always season cast iron cooking equipment. It will likely make it a lot easier to cook and griddle on it.
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