What to do with the skin on the joint?

In the uk pork shoulder is sold with the skin on, should i remove it before cooking? I think the balsamic sauce will not sink into the meat if the skin is on. I plan to make this dish tomorrow! Can't wait!

  • Posted by: Sally
  • May 3, 2019


Lori T. May 5, 2019
Oh, I am so jealous. Now you know why I called it a flavor bomb treasure. I'm equally as guilty of eating the crispy skin, hot out of the oven. But at least now you know how to use the skin to the best advantage, and what you could do with it after removal. I wish cuts here came with skin more often- but too many people are afraid enough of the fat, and the sight of pig skin might be more than they could handle.
Sally May 5, 2019
Thank you both. I did as suggested and it was perfect.... including baking the skin which I must admit to eating while still hot. OMG! So bad but SO good!
Lori T. May 4, 2019
If you have a bone-in shoulder with the skin intact- you've got a flavor bomb treasure. I lived in Suffolk for 7 years, and sooo miss my butcher shop there. That skin will help add collagen to the sauce, and a level of unctuousness you won't get otherwise. Leave it on for the 4 hours, and it will easily slip off the cut. You will need asbestos fingers to do this- otherwise use a kitchen towel. And tempting as it might be to toss the skin- known here in the States as the "rind"- don't do it. Cut it into smaller bite size bits and bake it in your oven until it renders and gets crispy. It makes a nice addition to a salad, can be eaten with various dips, or used in breads or such as a nice savory add in. You can also add it into broth for soups, use it to season veggies while cooking, or into a pot of dried beans.
Stephanie B. May 3, 2019
Unless the whole thing is completely encased in skin, I think you'd still get the balsamic sauce in your meat. The other thing that might happen is after 4 hours in the slow cooker, the skin might be easy to pull off. Another option is to turn the setting on your slow cooker to a lower temperature and cook in the balsamic sauce for longer.
Sally May 4, 2019
Thanks for that Stephanie. The skin is on the top, would you recommend it's removal? Do your shoulder joints come skin free?
Stephanie B. May 4, 2019
No, Lori T is right and you've got more flavor with your cut of pork - I'd cook it as is. She has some delicious suggestions for what to do with the skin too.

Yes, in grocery stores in the US it's rare to find pork cuts with skin on. Smaller vendors, like farmer's markets or local butcher shops (which are a rare thing), might sell more cuts with skin on.
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