Cooking a much smaller roast 1.5 lbs in a small crockpot. Maybe lessen cooking time by 2 hours? Anybody have any input? Thanks!



Tammy A. July 18, 2019
Thanks so much Eric! I ended up cooking it on low for about 7 hours. It was great. I was able to slice it like a roast. The flavors were delicious. I served it over garlic and chive mashed potatoes. Lots of sauce and very juicy.
Eric K. July 17, 2019
Hey Tammy! I'm not sure that the conversion is actually a 1:1 (volume to time) when it comes to the Crock-Pot. Meat needs time to break down whether it's 1.5 pounds or 4 pounds. What I would do is cut the rest of the recipe in half (the sauce), check the shoulder at about 2 to 3 hours to see how tender it is. You may need to cook it another hour, maybe even the full 5. Depends on how patient you want to be, and how soft you want your pork. :) I actually love a firmer pork shoulder you can slice against the grain. Has more structure. Up to you!

Please let me know how it goes. I love this dish.

Tammy A. July 19, 2019
Hey Eric! Thanks for getting back to me. The roast turned out really well. I cooked it just the way I would have cooked a larger roast, exactly like your recipe. Really tasty. I served mashed potatoes with chives, garlic and butter and a simple side salad with croutons. Will be making this over and over, it was so easy.
Eric K. July 19, 2019
I'm so glad! Thanks for reporting back.
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