How to modify for?

Gwen Fyfe


Lori T. May 5, 2019
When I've done this sort of roast in my Instant Pot for pulled pork, I usually have it on for 90 minutes or so. It comes out falling apart, practically. Since this recipe is aiming for a slicing texture, I imagine about an hour should do the trick. If you want it more tender, then simply put it back on to pressure cook again, in 15 minute increments, until it's tender as you wish. You can then use the saute function for the sauce. You wouldn't need to adapt timing for that part, since it's basically the same.
William H. February 2, 2022
I used IP also and was going for "fall apart". One hour, quick release and added brown sugar mixture. Twenty more minutes and let it rest until I could open pot. Perfect results and the meat was so flavorful. Served with brown rice and the pot gravy topped off the entire entrée.
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