Recipe for pasta sauce

What is the recipe for pasta sauce?

Amelia Harper


boulangere May 4, 2019
From the common ingredients and uncomplicated cooking style of this one, you might never guess that it is also one of the very best:
Nancy May 4, 2019
Agreed :)
Nancy May 5, 2019
PS there are many great sauces for pasta...using fish, meat, veg and/or cheese. See article in bon appetit magazine July 2015 called something like "85 best non-tomatoes sauces for pasta"
Smaug May 5, 2019
Hazan's recipe has certainly proved popular, though not a favorite of mine, but if you like a lot of butter could be a good choice. There are a lot of other sauces combining butter with a few, usually strong flavored, ingredients such as garlic, clams, various herbs- they do tend to be pretty easy.
Smaug May 4, 2019
Google it and you will get more replies than you could read in a lifetime. A search of any recipe site- this one, for example- will net you hundreds of recipes. Narrow it down-say to tomato sauces- and you will still have a baffling array. So the question isn't really answerable- you'd have to refine it a lot to have any hope.
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