Graham Flour substitute?

I'm having a hard time finding graham flour - would whole wheat flour work instead? Is there something else you'd recommend?

Recipe question for: Graham Flour Cake


Lesley J. October 19, 2020
I have been looking for graham flour and reached out to Bob's Red Mill about availability. That is the brand I have been buying for years. I received a response today, letting me know that they are no longer selling it. The recommendation is to use whole wheat flour and add either wheat germ or wheat bran to mimic the coarse grind found in graham flour.
Smaug May 6, 2019
Whole wheat is pretty close. Bob's Red Mill does make a Graham Flour (available from Amazon- for a stiff price).
Sipa May 6, 2019
Graham flour is basically whole wheat flour.
CHeeb May 6, 2019
I have the me shortage in ALABAMA. Try pulverizing plain graham crackers to dust,then sift for larger crumbs, and crush them too. Then reduce the Gary in the recipe slightly. This use work.
Nancy May 6, 2019
CHeeb - clever.
"reduce the Gary" - is this meant to be "reduce the sugar"?
If yes, I the crackers have sugar and/or honey in them, using the powder from them will increase total sugar in recipe unless you reduce it elsewhere.
If not, put Auto Incorrect in the corner and on early curfew for 3 days.
CHeeb May 6, 2019
Sorry I did not proof my answer...I did intend to type sugar instead of Gary!
Nancy May 5, 2019
Yes, whole wheat.
1 for 1 by volume.
Graham flour is a coarsely ground unsifted version of ww.
If you can find wheat germ, mix it 1/4c with 3/4c white or ww and use that 1:1 for the Graham flour.
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