Sides to complement?

These ribs sound amazing and I’m looking forward to making them later this week! Do you have a favorite side dish that you like to serve with them?

  • Posted by: CiCi
  • May 6, 2019


Happygoin May 6, 2019
I find ribs very rich. One of the reasons slaw is so popular with ribs is that it cuts through the richness of the ribs. Any slaw will do. The one Lori T. mentions sounds delish.

I usually have potato salad as well because, well, who doesn’t love potato salad?
Lori T. May 6, 2019
I like to add the Asian Ginger and Soy Coleslaw Salad by cucina di mammina on this site. If I can get to my favorite oriental food store, I'll also have a seaweed salad on the side- but not always. My family are also fans of many of the Korean style sides, everything from various kinds of kimchi, bean sprout salad, potatos in soy, and the like. Plus of course, a bit of plain rice on the side as well. But honestly, these go well enough with just about any bbq side dish you'd like. If you are in a potato salad mood, the ribs certainly won't argue. Neither will the people eating them. When the ribs are that good, sides just become the veggies you eat because- well, you are supposed to eat your veggies. Or the kids are watching, or your mom is a dinner guest.
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