Where are the nuts? Pecans or walnuts — optional?

Your pictures of this oatmeal show it topped with nuts — pecans or walnuts? — yet there are none in the recipe ... ???

Jeff Massie


Smaug May 15, 2019
Frequently these recipes first appear accompanied by a story, with a link to the recipe, but there isn't a way to backtrack from the recipe to the story (at least not that my limited internet skills and patience have found)- at any rate, these stories sometimes do contain information relevant to the recipe, such as "...may be served with a sprinkling of nuts". In this case, at least, it seems to be more a condiment than an ingredient, so could be done "to taste" or not at all.
Nancy May 15, 2019
I'm guessing the pecan nuts shown were a presentation or serving idea by someone at the shoot.
And no one thought to reconcile photo and recipe.
Use whatever nuts you like and can get in greatest condition.
Raw or roasted, plain, sweetened or salted.
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