Loose nuts

I cannot find bins of loose nuts for sale by the pound anywhere! Used to find them every autumn: walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans. Now I only find shelled and bagged nuts. Nuts to this! Any help? I'm in Alexandria, VA.

  • Posted by: BAE
  • October 29, 2011


BAE November 18, 2011
I see there is a Fresh Market in Vienna, but am afraid that a bit too far afield to go for nuts. Nuts! Wish they'd open one closer to Alexandria!!
Robin O. November 9, 2011
Hi Cookbookchick, I go to Annaplois for TJ's and Whole Foods. Where is Fresh Market?
cookbookchick November 7, 2011
Is there a Fresh Market near you? We have one in Annapolis and I believe they have bins of loose nuts.
Droplet November 7, 2011
I feel your pain. One other suggestion is to try online places. Depending the kind of nuts you are looking for you can buy them in bulk directly from growers. Some come in true bulk sizes (i.e. 25 lb) but with considerable savings. If you use them as much as I do, it's worth it. Oregon and Washington state sources of hazelnuts for example can be found pretty easily.
BAE October 30, 2011
Ah, thank you so much. There are two in my area, within a half hour depending upon traffic here in the worst driving area of the country...; -)
susan G. October 29, 2011
Are you near an H Mart? I saw a whole short aisle of all kinds of nuts in the shell there. (It's a national chain of Asian grocery markets.)
BAE November 5, 2011
Made the trek to HMart in Annandale today and it's in a lovely, quiet little shopping center. VERY busy place packed with every gorgeous vegetable and meat and fish you can imagine...Don't go near the condiment or noodle aisles--you'll be overwhelmed. We ended up finding only walnuts, but found plenty of other things that were missing from our Asian pantry. Still on the trek for loose nuts. Suggestions welcome.
boulangere October 29, 2011
Gosh, where do you live? Have you tried a good market, such as Whole Foods, or the bulk bins section (usually refrigerated) of a health food store?
BAE October 30, 2011
Yes, been to Whole Foods and am told that they can't get them...supposition is that they're not co$t effective: no packaging costs to pass on, no processing costs to pass on, and they last too long...
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