Where do you usually buy your pecans and walnuts? Tis the season and I am considering a mail order for the freshest and least expensive nuts

Robin O'D


hardlikearmour October 22, 2011
Costco or Trader Joe's.
JessicaBakes October 22, 2011
Trader joes is also a great deal
amysarah October 22, 2011
Sam's Club - same pricing as Costco. Also, 3# of whole almonds for $12, and recently I bought a big bag of pignoli there; can't remember exact price - already transferred them to a plastic container in the freezer, so no label to check - 22 or 24 oz. for $15. (Saw them at the regular market recently, 3 oz. for $10.)
SKK October 22, 2011
I buy them in bulk at my local Coop, and Whole Food's has them in bulk also and sometimes has sales. Also, amazon.com has them under food and you can get some really good buys.
Lizthechef October 22, 2011
Gosh, Pnutsmom beat me to it - Costco, definitely, and I store them in the freezer. Because I use so many in my Scottish Toffee over the holidays, I chop them first in the processor and freeze them in one-cup portions.
Pnutsmom October 22, 2011
Costco....walnuts 3#s, $11, Pecans 2#s $12 or around there.
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