Why did my twice baked potatoes turn out runny

When i cooked the potatoes all of the mixture overflowed.



Lori T. May 16, 2019
What recipe did you use? Did you use low or no-fat dairy ingredients? What kind of potatoes did you use? Those can all be factors. The binders and fillers used in no or low fat dairy products can break down in the oven heat, releasing more liquid and making your dish runny. You also want a starchy potato, a russet is best- not a waxy sort, which won't absorb as much liquid either. Finally, there might have been too much stuffing for your shells to hold, or the walls were not thick enough to stand up to the second round of baking. If you post the recipe- you can get more help to zero in on the potential cause of the problem.
Nancy May 16, 2019
Usually twice-baked or stuffed potato filling needs to be mounded, at least a little, higher than the emptied skins because there is more in the mix - dairy, veg, herbs - than was in the original potato.
Sometimes not all fits and you need to bake the extra in a small dish or baking pan.
As for the runniness - can't see before we see the recipe or a link to it.
Nancy May 16, 2019
With your recipe and Lori's suggestions about the chemistry of non-fat dairy and type of potatoes, we may be able to work out or modify the recipe so it doesn't overflow.
Meanwhile, another way to deal with this problem is to put the mixture in a baking pan (with plenty of extra space above the potatoes) and bake like au gratn potatoes.
What to do with the empty potato skins...
1) either warm them separately, then serve by spooning the baked filling into them.
2) use as a sort of pie crust or liner to the baking pan.
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