grandma's or brer rabbit molasses preference

which do u prefer? i think cooks' illustrated preferred BR but i just heard someone say they prefer grandma's. i'm baking w it, so i probably can't tell unless i bake w each and then taste the cake.

  • Posted by: alan
  • May 15, 2019


Lori T. May 16, 2019
What molasses I pick depends on if it is a major or minor flavor player in the product. Some of it will just come down to what you prefer as well. If I'm making gingerbread, then I want a fuller flavor version, and I prefer BR. But if I'm using it for a bit of sweetness, or I don't want the taste in the forefront- say in a pecan pie- then I go for the milder version of GM. Whatever I chose, it will be an unsulfered version, and never blackstrap. You really just have to try it and see which you prefer. I also like to keep the fuller flavor version on hand to make up my own dark brown sugar as I need it. You can use lighter versions to make light brown sugar as needed too. If you don't use much of either version, it's a lot better option than having a rock hard specimen in a container.
BakerRB May 16, 2019
I prefer Brer. I find it a little more flavorful than Grandma's. Not strong like blackstrap, but like dark vs. light brown sugar.
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