Probably being overly fussy but can I substitute the maple syrup here for honey? Maple syrup is super expensive to import where I live.



Gammy May 19, 2019
You will be changing the flavor of the granola a bit as maple syrup has a distinct flavor, but that's not a bad thing. As Stephanie B. said, granola is very forgiving, yours will turn out great whether you use honey, treacle, or molasses.
Nancy May 18, 2019
Prash Cant Shush - you may also want to look into treacle (golden syrup), molasses (various forms), or liquid-format sweeteners available in your markets.
Stephanie B. May 18, 2019
Yes, you can use honey - granola is very forgiving. Maybe start with less honey than the amount of maple syrup the recipe calls for because honey is sweeter (or at least it tastes sweeter than maple syrup to me), you can always mix it, give it a taste, and add more of whatever you think it needs before baking.
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