Can you Prep or cook in advance

Can the dough be prepared day before and chilled in fridge?
Alternatively would you store for serving at a later date? Freeze? Or how long will these store?



Gammy May 19, 2019
As per the recipe, "If you'd like to hydrate your flour as the original Ovenly recipe recommends, stick it in the fridge, covered, at this point for 12 to 24 hours. Or you can bake these right away." Personally, I have shaped cookies, placed on a parchment-lines baking sheet and frozen overnight, then bagged up in a zippered plastic bag and put back into freezer to bake at a future date. Be sure to label with baking time and temp. Thaw at room temp., then bake. You might even be able to directly bake the frozen cookies and simply add a few extra minutes of baking time. Experiment!
SuburbanTeacher May 19, 2019
Wasn’t clear what “hydrate the flour” meant. In the other vegan choc chip recipe it sounds like completely mixed cookie dough is refrigerated before baking.
Gammy May 19, 2019
I agree, the original recipe is a little unclear when saying "if you like to hydrate your flour..." They DO mean to make the dough and refrigerate THAT, not the flour. Here is a rather long, but very researched article from Serious Eats that tests every ingredient and describes in detail what happens at each step of the cookie making process, They indicate that the overnight rest in the fridge (Fact #20) actually helps both flour proteins and starches break down a bit. I use the SE recipe with some modifications (chocolate chips, not shaved chocolate) and whether the overnight rest helps hydrate or break down the proteins I don't care... the cookies are just delicious.
SuburbanTeacher May 19, 2019
Thanks! I’m hosting a vegan baby shower/luncheon and these will def be on the dessert menu! They’re really good!
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