I want to use a substitute for alcohol

What could you use to substitute the alcohol in it? Apple juice? Would it keep for just as long?

  • Posted by: Kirsty
  • May 24, 2019
Sri Lankan Christmas Cake
Recipe question for: Sri Lankan Christmas Cake


143Jesus December 31, 2022
Can I use roasted semolina?
Lori T. May 25, 2019
You could substitute apple juice or orange juice, or just about any other fruit juice you would like. The cake will not keep as long as one made with alcohol, unfortunately. You can hold one for about a month, well wrapped and refrigerated, but after that you will need to freeze it to keep it longer. If the problem is that you just don't care for the taste of brandy, you can also feel free to use other sorts of alcohol you do like. Cream sherry or spiced rum are my favorites.
QueenSashy May 25, 2019
Agree with Lori. Orange juice is probably your best bet given the flavor profile. But the cake will taste quite different without alcohol.
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