In making a lemon tart, do you use the rind and juice, or just the juice?



cranberry January 29, 2012
The recipe I've used includes both juice and zest.
bigpan January 29, 2012
I always add the zest (to my taste) as that has more flavor.
jmburns January 29, 2012
I would not use the rind. The white portion can be quite bitter. Maybe a zest or the rind only if you are going to discard it.
Greenstuff January 29, 2012
jmburns, I guess you haven't tried Lazy Mary's lemon tart from dymnyno and
Shaker lemon tarts are also truly delicious, and they also use the whole fruit.
jmburns January 29, 2012
Interesting recipes and I will have to give them try. They do use Meyer lemons which have a much thinner peel characteristic than regular lemons. I still would be reticent to use a whole juicing lemon.
Greenstuff January 29, 2012
Depends on the recipe. Lots of great options either way.
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