How to make a dough for pizza and cake

Haddy Touray


Smaug May 27, 2019
I'm curious as to the reasons behind this question. If you're planning a party and want to make pizza and cake from scratch, kudos, but you're biting off a lot (assuming from the question you're not a very experienced cook). Pizza crust isn't difficult, but whether you're planning on rolling or stretching it, you need a pretty precise texture, which takes some practice to acquire. You can get it done with a less-than-ideal dough, but once again, experience in handling doughs will be needed. If you want to undertake it, millions of recipes are available (a popular favorite, if you have time, is Jim Lahey's no-knead recipe, which is quite easy), but you might also think about buying the dough and concentrating on toppings. Cakes are a whole nother world- there are endless types and variations, and pretty much all of them are tricky in one way or another for a beginner. You might consider cheating with a cake mix- maybe dig up a good frosting recipe. For a near foolproof and popular (if not awfully cakelike) recipe, there's a recipe for Kladkakka- a nearly all chocolate Swedish cake- on this site; you should probably look at the comments if you make that recipe; determining doneness is something of an issue. This is assuming that you're looking for recipes for a specific event- if you're just interested in these things as a general interest, there are all manner of resources out there and a lifetime full of things to try- happy hunting.
Wendy May 27, 2019
Use the search button and type either “pizza dough” or “cake”. Be as specific as possible because there are thousands of recipes, for example: chocolate cake.
Then sort the recipe by popular or highest rated. This will assure that you are getting recipes that have been used many times. I find it really helpful to read the comments for the recipe also before choosing one.
I hope that I understood your question correctly, if not you can add a comment to clarify and I am sure you will get many helpful answers. 😃
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