anyone know the foolproof way to store berries?

Saw an email from Food 52 hawking their wares, in the description was another line that said "plus a fool proof way to store berries". I searched the email and site (even using their search tool) and never found any reference to this topic. Did anyone see or read this? What is the method?

Robin Richesson


creamtea June 11, 2019
I soak berries briefly in water to which a splash or two of vinegar has been added (I believe I learned the method on this site a year or two ago). This is supposed to kill off or reduce any baddies (fungus, bacteria?) and prolong storage life. Then I line a baking sheet with a couple of layers of paper towels, drain the berries, put them in a single layer on the towels to dry. I store them in a small collapsible colander or container and store them uncovered in the fridge.
Nancy June 11, 2019
In the freezer.
Smaug June 9, 2019
With newer and better fools being born every minute, is anything really foolproof?
Robin R. June 9, 2019
Ah, thanks! I will check out those to go cups. I too use the layers of paper towels method, the best I have found so far. Always on the lookout for other ways. Thanks again.
BakerRB June 9, 2019
I bet it was hawking the veggie and fruit to go cup. It's a little colander nested in a container. It looks good to me for packing lunch, but not long term storage. My most successful method of storing berries is to layer them with towels (paper or thin cloth) in a storage container. I stack the layers, but have a towel between each single depth layer of berries.
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