What is the size of the finished cookies?

The directions call for piping the size of a quarter? In my experience, meringue type cookies don't spread--but the pictured cookies look much larger (1.5") Is there something I'm missing?? Thanks!!

  • Posted by: mnr_t
  • June 12, 2019
Pistachio Rose Macarons
Recipe question for: Pistachio Rose Macarons


Smaug June 12, 2019
Maybe you need bigger quarters. Actually, the picture doesn't give a frame of reference for size, but you want 60 half cookies- as an experienced maker of meringue cookies, does that sound plausible for the amount of batter?
mnr_t June 12, 2019
Thanks!! That is a better way to approach it. I did end up making them the size of a quarter, and it made about 130 halfs :) I can't decide whether to just leave them unfrosted (they're pretty cute) or putz with frosting. They're delish, regardless.
Smaug June 13, 2019
Sounds like maybe you wanted 50cent pieces- is has struck me over the years that a lot of recipe writers are pretty poor at estimating sizes.
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