Attn Vegans: Aquafaba disaster-twice!

I finally attempted an aquafaba chocolate mousse today, chilled bowl and water, beat to very stiff peaks as directed, and it deflated as soon as a few T's cocoa was added, becoming almost liquid again just like egg whites can. Round two, new recipe no cocoa just sugar and melted (cooled) chocolate. Water beat beautifully, but deflated again when chocolate was added! Recipe stated 1/3 lost volume was to be expected. What am I doing wrong??

Jennifer W


Lori T. June 17, 2019
You will find it often helps to add in a pinch of Cream of Tartar to your liquid before you start whipping. It helps stabilize the proteins so they can more easily hold air bubbles. You could theoretically use another acid, like vinegar- but that also brings extra water you don't need. Try again, using the cream of tartar, and slowly whip in the other ingredients. You will lose some volume, but hopefully not as much.
Jennifer W. June 18, 2019
Thanks- I think I took it for granted just how similar it was to real egg whites! Ill try that next time!
Inger P. June 17, 2019
I never tried with chocolate but i had it deflate. I put it in the freezer for 10 minutes, then under the mixer and it worked
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