what can I substitute for an egg?



Rosalind P. June 19, 2019
Flaxseed mixed with water is a good egg substitute for some baking. ! tablespoon of flax meal mixed with 2 1/2 tablespoons of water. let it sit until the flaxseed softens. Check out vegan sites for how to use it in baking. Also, the water from cooking chickpeas (or from canned chickpeas) is remarkable similar to egg white. I've made meringue with it. It's called acquafaba....again search the internet about it and how to use it. And finally, there are commercial vegan egg substitutes available in grocery stores now, usually in their "health food" or "organic" sections.
SMSF June 19, 2019
What are you making?
Lori T. June 19, 2019
It depends on the egg's job in the recipe, and whether it's meant to be a binder or a leavening agent, or as both. Sometimes you can simply add in something like applesauce, other times you have to get a little more creative with other chemical leaveners and oil. Sometimes, like if you want to make an angel food cake- it's just not possible at all to use an egg substitute. I suggest you check out various sites supporting vegan or allergy diets, and see what might be best for your particular situation. There isn't just one solution to this challenge, unfortunately.
Smaug June 19, 2019
If you're going to throw it at someone, rotten tomatoes work well. If you're going to balance it on the tip of your nose, parsnips are a good challenge. If you're going to eat it for breakfast, there's always cornflakes. If you're going to try to hatch it... Well, you get the idea.
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