Not sure the amount of fresh tomato is equivalent to the option of canned tomato in this recipe.

Two fresh tomatoes or one 14.5oz can of diced tomatoes - is that right? One can of tomatoes has a lot more than 2 tomatoes in it, unless you're talking giant beefsteak tomatoes. If I use canned diced tomatoes I think I'll end up with a tomato sauce over sweet potatoes, which is not what's pictured (maybe it's just me but I can't spot any tomatoes in the picture at all).

Stephanie B.


Stephanie B. June 25, 2019
Thanks Nancy and Smaug, I had canned tomatoes so mine ended up being more of a tomato and lentil sauce - didn't look much like the topping in the picture but tasted good and got the job done for a weeknight.
Smaug June 24, 2019
I usually take 1lb. fresh tomatoes as the equivalent of a 14.5 oz can, but it's a pretty rough equivalency.
Nancy June 24, 2019
Stephanie B -
agree, the recipe translation assumes very big tomatoes.
USDA nutritional data defines a large one at 180g or just over 6 oz in weight and about a cup liquid.
And a medium about 125g or weighing just over 4 oz. or a half cup in liquid
Start with one of those for the whole recipe, and taste.
If ok, leave it at that.
If you want more tomato, add some (it's always easier to add, than to fix a recipe with too much of one ingredient).
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