Where does the white of the scallion end and the green begin???

I'm making a Milk Street recipe that requires four bunches of scallions. The scallions I bought are very light colored and its hard to know where the white ends and the green begins! Is it when the white core is gone? Or where it stops branching off? Help! Thanks!!

Sharon Solomon


Smaug June 28, 2019
I'd hardly consider it worth worrying about, but the green part is hollow, the white part made of a series of layers. Like most things in this world, the dividing line is often a bit blurry.
ZIPPY June 28, 2019
Is this a Zen koan?
Nancy June 27, 2019
Unless for aesthetic reasons, one doesn't need to be exact about separating the white and the green parts of scallions.
And, as with any vegetable, their amounts vary by plant, market, farmer.
The white part tastes more like a regular onion. The green part, especially when sliced or chopped finely, resembles chives in texture and taste.
Use one part or both, according to the recipe or your preferences.
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