What if I don’t have a stand mixer? Can I use a hand mixer or my hands?

  • Posted by: Nikki
  • June 30, 2019
Classic Parker House Rolls
Recipe question for: Classic Parker House Rolls


Miss_Karen July 2, 2019
My son & I joke that I don't 'have' a stand mixer, I 'am' the stand mixer... I agree w/ Smaug, you can always use just a hand mixer or your hands. Besides, stand mixers are a real pain to clean.
Smaug June 30, 2019
You can make any bread dough by hand; I wouldn't mess with the hand mixer. I first learned to make bread with a stand mixer, but soon realized that it was neither faster, easier (unless you have hand problems) nor better than mixing/kneading by hand- in fact I generally ended up finishing it by hand anyway.
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