Looking for a "neighborhood gem" of a restaurant in Manhattan for a special anniversary. Where food and quiet atmosphere are the focus not the scene.



luvcookbooks July 14, 2019
Felidia’s on 58th between 2nd and 3rd. Lidia Bastianich restaurant. We had a lovely graduation celebration there.
PHIL July 1, 2019
For Italian, I like Il Mulino in the village , also their new spot in Tribeca looks nice. Depends on what neighborhood you want to be in. For American , my favorite is Union Square cafe. French- Buvette or Lucien. But there are some many options in NYC it's crazy. If you don't want to go to NYC, over the bridge in Piermont has a few nice spots too. Enjoy!
Amy K. June 30, 2019
Thank you! I will check them out. we live in sleepy hollow, so we are familiar with blue hill up here.
Amanda H. June 30, 2019
A couple of ideas: Blue Hill, Little Park, or King.
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