Next month I’m vacationing in Alton, UT at an Airbnb that has an outdoor stone pizza oven.

What do I need to know about making pizza at 7000ft altitude? I’ve googled and it’s confusing. Thanks

  • Posted by: Dona
  • July 1, 2019


Happygoin July 1, 2019
I have no help for you, but I do want to say I’m pea-green with envy about your outdoor oven. Enjoy your pizza!
Dona July 2, 2019
We’re SO excited to visit Zion Natl park and eat pizza. And get out of the Texas heat!
NicoleD July 1, 2019
I live at 7000 feet and I don't change my dough recipe from what I would make at sea level. I just proof it in the refrigerator overnight instead of leaving it sit in a warm spot so it doesn't rise too quickly.
Dona July 1, 2019
HalfPint July 1, 2019
I remember this from Serious Eats about pizza dough at high altitude and making adjustments:

There are some really good tips and I don't think the baking method makes much of a different. It's all about the dough.
Dona July 2, 2019
Nancy July 1, 2019
Could the hosts or their friends who live at that altitude he you their experience or suggest recipes that have worked.
Dona July 1, 2019
Maybe I can contact them thru Airbnb, I didn’t make the reservation. Thanks
Nancy July 1, 2019
Ok, Dona, if contacting the hosts/landlord is difficult, maybe try finding local cooks via other social media?
Dona July 1, 2019
I sent an email to the property management company, so I’ll see if they respond.
Bonnie V. July 3, 2019
Dona, you should have a wonderful time, that part of Utah is beautiful. Down the road from Alton, headed towards Kanab (where I live) is a little town of Orderville. There is a surprisingly great little restaurant called Sammie's which is owned by some nice Fundamentalist ladies, and their pizza is really good, as are their salads and drinks. On the right side of the highway headed to Kanab. Enjoy your visit, Happy 4th!
Dona July 4, 2019
Good info, thanks!
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