Gluten free pie crust - have you ever made one successfully?

I have tried several recipes and had to throw them away...any tips or recipes you like?

Stephanie G


dryer_fire July 11, 2019
have you tried Stella Parks' gluten free crust recipe? I have not yet, but all the recipes of hers I have tried have been amazing, and she tests pretty obsessively. Based on the comments on SE, a lot of people have had good results.

Per Nancy's suggestion, cookie crusts or press-in crusts with gluten free cookies also work great, if you just want a bottom crust. If you're using home-made GF cookies, though, just make sure to go with something that isn't entirely nut-flour based - almond flour etc. won't absorb the liquid and fat the same way starchier flours will, and you'll end up with a bit of a greasy mess.
Nancy July 8, 2019
Haven't tried it yet, but suspect a cookie crust made with tasty gluten-free cookies might work.
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