Can I substitute unsweetened applesauce for one of the sticks of butter?

  • Posted by: Risha
  • July 8, 2019


Smaug July 8, 2019
It could conceivably make a decent bar cookie- maybe with some added baking soda- but definitely a science experiment.
HalfPint July 8, 2019
Not really. The cookies will be very gummy. If you can't eat butter, try coconut oil.
Nancy July 8, 2019
Agree with HalfPint.
You may have heard that applesauce can be a replacement for fat in baking
This is true.
But/and I've found the substitution works better or best in cakes that have a dense or heavy texture (loaf cakes, bundt cakes and the like). Not so good results in cookies.
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