What ingredient can I use to make "solid" creeps?

The idea is, it would be a gourmet dish, where i have creeps cooked/fried in a cylinder position, have a small piece of pancake (or something of that sort) placed under the cylinder of creeps.
Cook some steak, with red wine. Cut it up to small pieces. Place it into the cylinder and the pancake at the bottom would take up all the red wine infused juices.
And as a finishing step I would use the leftover sauce from the meet and try mixing it up with either figs or pear, and make some thicker sauce out of it.

So the question is how can i make creeps into a solid thing that stands in a cylinder position with booth sides "open" (so i can put the pancake under and fill it up with the meat)?

The recipe was my own idea but if there is something similar to it, i would like to hear/read the recipe for it.

  • Posted by: w8watm8
  • July 15, 2019


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Smaug July 16, 2019
An ice cream cone is actually a sort of rolled crepe, you might try looking up recipes for that. Mostly this question reminds me of a bizarre Max Shulman story about a creep in a mail box that I'll probably have stuck in my head for weeks now.
Nancy July 16, 2019
If you mean the thin cooked pancake (crepes) instead of detestable persons (creeps), if not, wait for other to respond.
There is a classic French recipe for stacked crepes (the number varies) with a sauce layer between each crepe (also varies, but often a cream sauce with spinach and mushrooms). See example:
If you like the idea, you could make a steak sauce (sauce with steak in it) and use that between the crepes.
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