Brussels Sprouts Haters Here (sorry

What can I use instead? Can’t make anyone here eat them no matter what I do to them. Would appreciate feedback. Thanks!

Trudy Grebenstein


dinner A. July 23, 2019
You could switch out any/all of the vegetables in the stir-fry (not the sauce) as long as you consider how their flavors and textures would work together and in the rice. If I were making this, I might ditch both the chard and brussels sprouts and use cauliflower in small florets and some green onions along with the fennel and mushrooms (shiitake might be even better). This time of year, some small chunks or slices of very firm, non-watery summer squash could also be good instead.
Emma L. July 19, 2019
Hey Trudy! I bet chopped-up broccoli or cabbage florets (or both) would work well instead.
MMH July 18, 2019
I’d sub in any cabbage family vegetable. Just my editorial comment. Brussel sprouts taste entirely differently when cooked in ways other than what most people have had them. This veg cooked roasted or stir fried rather than what our mothers did to it is an entirely different thing - don’t prejudge
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