substituting active dry yeast for fresh in corn zeppole

I'm planning on making the corn zeppole but can't find fresh yeast. A little confused by what I find online and how I would need to modify the steps. Appreciate the help!

Jocelyn Grayson


Jocelyn G. July 22, 2019
Lori T. July 22, 2019
If you use active dry yeast- use half the weight of the fresh yeast called for, and one quarter of the weight in instant yeast. That generally works out to about one packet, either way. Active dry yeast will need to be rehydrated in some of the water called for in the recipe, while the instant can be mixed into the flour before it is added in. Fresh yeast tends to be a little more "active" than dry stuff, so you will probably want to give your batter a little longer than the minimum one hour the recipe calls for. It won't be any problem at all if you let it rest overnight. Finding fresh cake yeast here in the US is a challenge, as it isn't sold in most places anymore because not so many folks bake with it anymore.
Smaug July 22, 2019
I suspect not many baking with it has a lot to do with it not being available- it's pretty inconvenient for the retail food industry, with a very short shelf life and the need for refrigeration. When it was available in supermarkets it was as likely to be spoiled as not, and it gets ugly when it spoils.
Smaug July 22, 2019
The easiest would probably be instant yeast, which can be mixed in with the dry ingredients, or you could use regular active dry yeast dissolved in the water . I THINK the amount given- slightly over an ounce, is l cake of fresh yeast, for which you would substitute 1 Tb. dry.
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