Europhiles! Where can I order excellent imported EVOO?

I’m trying to find fresh, delicious, mild EVOO from France or Greece (or anywhere) in bulk form. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a million.

Mary Catherine Tee


cristinathebaker July 30, 2019
I'm thinking anything from Europe would hardly be "fresh" as it would have been sitting in multiple storage areas en route. I suggest going local - reaching out to local producers. There's a few in CA - you can call and inquire about their production. has wholesale page. It's gonna be $$$$ tough.
dinner A. July 30, 2019
Olive oil is only produced during the mid-late fall harvest season, so regardless of where you purchase it from it can only be as fresh as that allows. Think fresh like dried beans, not fresh like raspberries.
Also, the route to the eastern US from CA can easily be as slow as from Europe for goods like oil and wine.
dinner A. July 25, 2019
I've ordered paella equipment and ingredients from this site:
I haven't tried the olive oil but it sounds like it might suit.
HalfPint July 25, 2019
How much "bulk" were you thinking of purchasing? If it's for a small business, might want to try Costco or Smart & Final. If you are expecting to use a continuous supply regularly, I would also check out a local wholesale restaurant supply store, like Restaurant Depot, and ask it they have it or could order it for you. Good luck!
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