What would be a non-pork alternative to the pork belly? Would chicken work?

I don't eat pork for religious reasons and I would love to try this recipe out.

Salma Ismail


Lori T. July 29, 2019
Jajangmyeon is also made using ground meat and seafood- just as authentic and equally as good. You could use ground beef or chicken, or even shrimp. The main flavor is the black bean sauce anyway, and the Koreans and Chinese both use other meats all the time. One of the best versions I had was made with leftover beef flanken cut ribs, bone bits removed and cut into bits.
Liz D. July 27, 2019
Maybe dice up duck breast (including the skin)? I know people make duck "bacon" so maybe that would work?
Salma I. July 28, 2019
Didn't think of that, thanks for the idea!
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