Good source for sprinkles for cakes?

I'm looking for nice sprinkles for some upcoming birthday cakes (unusual mixes, crisp textures, etc.), does anyone have any recommendations on where to start? Thanks!

Mei Chin


Happygoin July 31, 2019
Do you have a Home Goods store near you? They’re a subsidiary of TJMaxx. I’ve found some really fun baking supplies, including sprinkles, there.

I’d be careful of flours and nuts from Home Goods, as they can go rancid, but they have a nice selection of baking pans and other baking supplies, flavorings and ingredients.
Eric K. July 30, 2019
My friend (who bakes really fun, unique cakes) gets her fancy sprinkles from here:

I've had her cakes, too, and the sprinkles TASTE good, believe it or not.
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