cake sticking to bottom of cake pan!

Baking a 2 layer cake - took both pans out of the oven, let them cool for 5 minutes, per recipe instruction, inverted cakes onto wire rack and most of the bottom stuck to pan, and cake was falling apart. Please advice, I am starting from scratch:(. I did butter both pans and dusted with cocoa powder. Baking Dorie Greenspan Chocolate chocolate cake:)

Ellie Landau


Happygoin August 2, 2019
I would echo Stephanie’s good advice and go further and say that, regardless of what the instructions are, I would almost always use parchment in the pan prep.
Ellie L. August 1, 2019
Thank you so much!!
Stephanie B. August 1, 2019
Try cutting parchment paper rounds and put those in the bottom of your cake pans, and oil/cocoa dust those. Save the first attempt for a trifle or similar?
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