hi there way can u do wiv kidneys part from the obvious steak and kidney pie?



tizzle March 29, 2011
You can also use them in stuffing (or "dressing" as my eastern European family calls it). My fam sautees pieces of kidney (and other innards, like liver) with onion, celery, and garlic and mixes this with pieces of stale white bread and water, then bakes it. You could also add bacon and something sweet, like apple or fennel, carrots, etc, too.
Jean |. March 24, 2011
There's always the classic English breakfast dish devilled kidneys, cooked in a tangy sauce of Worcestershire sauce, English dry mustard, butter, cayenne, salt and black pepper.
ChefJune March 24, 2011
Certainly! You can dredge them in seasoned flour (shakke off the excess) and saute them in butter. The outsides get crisp and the inside stays nice and soft. They're delicious. Deglaze that pan with a little fino sherry and drizzle the sauce over.
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