can I freeze left over steak?



Sam1148 May 13, 2011
When I grill steaks, I'll make up a couple of extras. Cooked very hot just to sear the outside and get some charcoal taste. Then put in a foodsaver bag and freeze...then vac pack and seal.
I use these for the first night on camping trips. They defrost on way up the campsite..and then simmer them a few mins to finish cooking.
Think of it as a reserve sous-vide.
It works well..kinda trickey to keep from over cooking the steak; but I go for med-rare.
You still get the charcoal taste but I don't have to build a fire the first night. Also good for mid-week quick meal when I don't want to fire up a grill and watch it.

As for fully cooked leaf over steak...probably not..but yes, you could but I'd chop it up after defrosting and use it for something else; like a topping for raman style noodles in bowl.
pierino May 13, 2011
Unless your name is Marie Callendar a cooked steak that's been frozen will likely taste like a rewarmed Firestone tire.
gothamgal May 13, 2011
If the steak is cooked the answer is no. If the steak is raw and has not been frozen before, yet.
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