Ghee has been refrigerated, can I leave it out now that the heatwave is over?

Once ghee has been refrigerated due to heatwave can it be left out again once it cools down enough?

I see this question asked a lot and no one really answers the question. All the answers are yes it can be kept a room temperature, but they don't say for sure once it's already been refrigerated. I know a lot of foods that once they've been refrigerated the must stay refrigerated or they'll go bad.


Damon B. Miller


PHIL August 20, 2019
that stuff is indestructible.
Asha S. August 16, 2019
Ghee can be left out at room temperature after its' been refrigerated. It will not go bad.
Lori T. August 16, 2019
I'm not an expert but I have experience with having ghee in the fridge and then removing it to sit at room temperature. Ordinarily I keep my ghee at room temp, but the hubbie or kids will forget that and stick it in the fridge. I haven't had any problems with it going back and forth, though I do take care to check it for any condensation that may have formed as a result of the swap. I generally use it fairly often, so I can't say if this is detrimental over a long period of time- say a few months. But over the course of a month or six weeks, it's never been a problem for me.
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