Fig and coconut cake by Mitanni Ghosh sarkar

There are no measurements for the ingredients, how much vanilla, sugar and butter. These are all missing. Also what is 180 in Fahrenheit

Joan Parris


Ella Q. September 9, 2019
Hi Joan,

If you're looking to bake a cake that highlights figs, here's one that's a big hit around our office:

All the best,
Joan P. September 9, 2019
You didn’t answer the question. How much flakes coconut is in the recipe?
Ella Q. September 9, 2019
Apologies if my response was unclear. :) I was offering a recipe that has the ingredients listed in case you wanted to pivot to another fig option. Unfortunately, I don't know the missing amounts on the recipe you specified, though the community member who posted it would have received an email alert for your question, so perhaps they will chime in! :) Happy baking!
Joan P. September 9, 2019
The recipe was not very good. Too much salt and very dry.
Joan P. September 9, 2019
I will try this one though I’m not particularly fond of rosemary
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