After 4 days, brine turned cloudy, I put in fridge, can i take them back out to continue fermenting longer?

Some of my jars taste really good, but a few taste like they could ferment longer (i put different spices in quart jars so i don't get bored with the flavor profile).... Can i pull the jars back out of the fridge to continue fermenting or well this create a mushy texture.
Thank you!!

  • Posted by: Vaehanna
  • September 10, 2019
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Fantastic Fermented Green Beans
Recipe question for: Fantastic Fermented Green Beans

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Brinda A. September 10, 2019
I think unfortunately the green beans would change texture if you removed them from the fridge at this stage. But the good news is, they will continue to ferment (albeit very slowly) in the fridge! So you can continue to leave them there and eat the batches that are fermented to your liking first, keeping the ones that need a bit more help in the refrigerator for a couple more weeks.
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