How to get rid of crickets? Help!

Hi! There's a pretty small basement in my house and it has crickets and I hate them. There used to be one, but now there's at least three, and I'm afraid there's going to be a hundred by next week (my husband says this isn't true—but what if it is?). I tried a molasses water trap (apparently they're attracted to the molasses and then they drown?), but that didn't work. Then I tried to unleash my cat on them, but she got distracted and went back upstairs. Please share ideas—thank you!

Emma Laperruque


boulangere September 16, 2019
Turtles eat crickets. But then, crickets are supposed to bring good luck. Killing them does not. I go to sleep every night surrounded by their songs.
Miss_Karen September 13, 2019
You could get another type of pet that eats crickets (not cats.) & Keep it down in the basement. BTW crickets are gross, but preferable to spiders!
Happygoin September 11, 2019
Turn up the radio :)
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