I'm buttering the pan UNDER the parchment paper? And then the paper also? Thanks!

  • Posted by: BR95510
  • September 25, 2019


Carol S. September 26, 2019
Yes, that is stated in the directions. I'm reading this Thursday, 9/26, so I'm not sure if the directions have been amended since you read them.
BR95510 September 26, 2019
Thanks Carol. I just read it yesterday. I'm perplexed why you'd need butter UNDER the parchment paper?!
Elizabethdx October 16, 2019
I see this direction a lot in recipes where you want a little insurance that nothing or not much will stick when you lift off the pan. I think of it as extra protection in case some of the crust seeps under the parchment.
BR95510 October 16, 2019
Thanks Elizabethdx! Seems like overkill to me. I'm a gambler, so when I make it with *just* parchment paper, I'll report back! :)
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