Can these be made ahead of time? If so, how (and how long) should they be stored and prepared for serving? Thanks!



Solveig M. October 9, 2019
Yes, you can make them in advance, just don't stuff them before you're going to eat them.
Here in Denmark we typically buy the "æbleskiver" ready made and heat them in the oven before eating, and its lovely.
Solveig M. October 9, 2019
Just read the recipe again and I think you'd be fine stuffing these before you reheat them, as its baked inside the æbleskives.
Nancy October 9, 2019
Solveig...I defer to your local typical practice.
Nancy October 8, 2019
Could they be made ahead? Yes.
Should they be? Sorry, no.
Pancakes taste best fresh and lose something important when old or reheated.
I can only describe that taste as flat.
If you must make something ahead and like this sauce, serve it over something baked tha8 holds up better...bread, pound cake, shortcake or the like.
If you like the pancake/evelskiver idea, make it on another occasion where you can cook and serve immediately.
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