What would be a good substitute for beets?

I love the idea of pureed veg for a sauce, but not a fan of beets. Would a different root vegetables work? Or a combination? I realize that beets give the lovely color. Any suggestion? Thanks

  • Posted by: Moire
  • October 21, 2019


boulangere October 22, 2019
My snarky side wants to respond that the best substitute for beets would be no beets. I can barely walk past them in a produce aisle without shuddering. But the more accommodating side suddenly remembered this silken carrot sauce that I dearly love. It might be just right for you:

Emma L. October 22, 2019
Carrots would be very delicious and pretty! I would boil or steam them until just tender to preserve the bright color.
Nancy October 22, 2019
Parsnip or carrots, especially the purple or yellow ones.
Maybe sweet potatoes.
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