Can you recommend a first-rate long-slice toaster? I need one that works well for artisan breads and bagels.

Reviews online for most options available in the US are a bit discouraging. Thank you.

Mrs Beryl Patmore


Nancy October 29, 2019
How long is the longest bread you will be wanting to toast?
And will there be a large daily volume?
Mrs B. October 29, 2019
Well, the largest boule that I bake is 9" in diameter, so a slot that long would work. As for whether we'll have a large daily volume? No - usually just two or three slices, plus a bagel or two, at most, except perhaps when we have company, in which case those numbers could triple or quadruple. Even that though would not constitute a particularly large daily usage. Thank you, Nancy.
Nancy October 29, 2019
If it were me I'd d go for a toaster oven that could accommodate the boule and do other things.
Or a wide regular toaster for bagels and rolls, then use op rack if regular oven for longer items.
Gammy October 29, 2019
My SIL has a new toaster oven, wish I could remember the brand/model. Outside of being incredible large (though she does have the counter space) and heavy to maneuver when necessary, the toaster function takes an amazingly long 10 minutes to toast bread (I kid you not!). Their regular oven on the broiler setting is faster!
Nancy October 29, 2019
Awful long wait when you want your toast.
Well, let's get the brand name so we dont recommend THAT one!
Gammy October 28, 2019
I have two Oster long slice toasters similar to this one.
Bought both at Target, one about 3 years ago, the other probably 6-7 years ago and only reasonably priced long-slot toaster I could find. Both still working. I have seen reviews on Amazon that say these won't toast bagels, but I have had no issue, but wish the slots were another inch longer. Price was under $50 each, I guess you pay for what you get.
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