Paleo Thanksgiving - Please send your favorite recipes

I have three people with autoimmune diseases attending Thanksgiving. They all need to avoid grains and dairy. I would love to hear your favorite Thanksgiving recipes that meet this criteria.

Stephanie G


Mrs B. October 30, 2019
Stephanie, here's a real crowd-pleaser that is grain and dairy free - Ottolenghi's roasted butternut squash wedges + red onions with tahini, za'atar and pine nuts.
(Again, not sure if it is Paleo, as I don't know what is allowed and what is outlawed in that program.)
Nancy October 30, 2019
PS Stephanie - I forgot to mention chocolate mousse made with avocado instead of heavy cream. Really delicious! In the summer, the garnish is fresh raspberries. In November, you could use pears or (greenhouse) strawberries. Or maybe some candied nuts...pecans, hazelnuts, almonds.
Mrs B. October 30, 2019
Avocado chocolate mousse, topped with blitzed almond brittle (the one I use on our celebration day Paris-Brest) - now that sounds perfect. Thank you, Nancy, for another fine idea.
Nancy November 13, 2019
As so often happens, when I write about a recipe, I have it in mind and make it. So, recently, with the chocolate mousse...
1) on toast (as some people do with chocolate nut spreads);
2) with yogurt as topping or in a parfait (the slightly sour taste is a nice contrast to the sweet mousse).
Jusika November 18, 2019
I love these two ideas for eating the mousse and will be making the avocado chocolate mousse later in the month! thank you for planting the idea in my head!
Mrs B. October 29, 2019
Sweet potatoes that are roasted and then mashed with vegan (Mykonos) cream cheese, a touch of salt and nutmeg. I have one guest this year (very special) who must strictly avoid both gluten and dairy, so I'm on a similar adventure. I'll send more ideas within the next day or two.

I'm thinking I might braise some sweet potatoes in cider and add just a bit of cashew based butter (also Mykonos - excellent product), but have not yet tried it.

Can your guest eat wild rice? It's not a grain, strictly speaking. I'm not familiar with the Paleo limitations, however. Wild rice is simply delightful. So delicious! A dear friend told me last night that his family ate wild rice - no potatoes, or other rices enjoyed in American South - exclusively for Thanksgiving when we was growing up. (His people were from North Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.) I do hope this helps.
Stephanie G. October 29, 2019
Yes! It does help. I was thinking of root veggie mash, the turkey, and a green side. What I am looking for is something to stand in for the grain crowd. I found a stuffing on Bon Appetit that is based on sausage and veggies and no grains that I will probably make but I wanted to hear from some with tried and true options.
Nancy October 29, 2019
Stephanie- I know you asked for favorites, and this us only an idea.
Maybe make cubed roasted potatoes (or root vegetables) with stuffing flavors and ingredients (onion, sage, chestnut).
Also, what have you gleaned (pardon the pun) from all the GF menus andcrecioes outvyhere fir Thanksgiving?
Nancy October 30, 2019
And recipes out there for thanksgiving...
Mrs B. October 30, 2019
Cubed, roasted potatoes with stuffing flavors?! That sounds so delicious, Nancy! I can see doing that just as a side dish for a non-Thanksgiving day meal, perhaps alongside leftover turkey and gravy, and tossed with leftover roasted Brussels sprouts. Oh how I love Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Nancy, for this excellent suggestion.
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