Question about ordering the new f52 knives, is it possible to pick and choose the colors? e.g pink instead of a maple paring knife



Emily K. October 30, 2019
Hi there! Yes, you're welcome to purchase individual Five Two knives in whichever colors you like. This is a bit more expensive than purchasing all three knives as a set of one color (or the multi set, which includes maple, nordic sea, and smoked salt knives), but it will allow you to mix and match as you please.
Panfusine October 30, 2019
So the Multi set colors are fixed and can't be swapped? I was hoping to order a set of 3 but wanted the pink colored paring instead of the maple (it wouldn't have been an issue if there were 4 knives in the set !)
Emily K. October 31, 2019
Ah, they are. That's great feedback though, thank you for passing that along!
Panfusine October 31, 2019
Thanks!, went ahead & pre-ordered individually. looking forward to using my paring and Bread knives. Already won 2 beautiful chef's knives from Food52.
Emily K. October 31, 2019
Amazing! I'm so glad :)
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