What do I do with maple vinegar?

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Holt K. November 15, 2015
I like to take sweet tomatoes such as campari and split them and cook them to bursting in maple vinegar. The sugars caramelizing while the tomato breaks down with the vinegar makes an amazing addition to eggs, fish, Mac n cheese. Anything tomatoes go on

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susan G. June 28, 2011
Cold summer drinks like shrubs and switchel -- traditional New England farmhouse and field drinks. I think they acted as electrolyte drinks, for people out working in the sun. And they taste good.
Here's one -- just make it with the maple vinegar: http://www.food52.com/recipes/12924_strawberry_shrub
Dan S. June 28, 2011
When I think Maple Vinegar, I think of two things - vinaigrette and gastrique. For a vinaigrette think warm bacon and maple vinaigrette - great for a leafy salad with blue cheese and toasted nuts. 'Gastrique?', you say. Yes, a classic French sweet and sour sauce usually produced using acid (vinegar or citrus juice) to stop a caramelization of sugar (usually cane sugar). However, a gastrique can be made with any sugar - honey, agave or maple syrup. If you want a super maple gastrique cut your caramelized maple syrup with maple vinegar and use on fall/winter dishes including game, pork and duck especially when accompanied by squash, pumpkin or sweet potato/yams.
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I would also dip crisp apple slices into the dressing Kristen suggests. Or make an apple/cabbage slaw salad with this vinegar. And if you eat bacon, just imagine the possibilities with it!
Kristen M. June 21, 2011
That sounds so good! For starters, I would just use it in a simple green salad with great olive or nut oil, so that you can really taste the subtleties of the vinegar. Or dunk some good bread into some vinegar mixed with good olive oil.

Then once you have a sense of the taste, you can branch out a bit. Is it sweet and thick? Drizzle it over panna cotta. Is it thin and tart? Swirl it into a cold soup like gazpacho.
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