Need Clarification on Layering Order - Help Please

Apologies if this question posts twice - It didn't seem to go through the first time. I am looking forward to making this for my family as a pre-trick-or-treat dinner tonight. But I can't seem to figure out step 4- I need a lot more clarification on the order , particularly when to add sauce, ricotta and shredded cheese: sauce. I understand that it's 1. Sauce 2.Pasta 3. Arugala or Squash But when do you drizzle more sauce, ricotta and shredded cheese? Afterveach layer of Vegetables? I would assume so or the lasagna might be dry, but the makes it seem like you wait for a few layers of vegetables and pasta? Additionally, can you please clarify the top layer? Pasta, sauce, squash - no ricotta or shredded cheese? Thanks so much!!

  • Posted by: TJL
  • October 31, 2019
Delicata Squash Lasagna
Recipe question for: Delicata Squash Lasagna


Nancy October 31, 2019
Yes, it's not very clear.
Probably ok to use normal method- intersperse sauce, cheese and veg between layers of pasta, as long as you have at least 1 cup of sauce and rings of squash to put on top of casserole.
I'd say it's your choice whether to save some of the cheese for the top or pot it all inside.
TJL October 31, 2019
Thank you!! And the ricotta ???
Nancy October 31, 2019
See "CHEESE" in above note...mostly between the pasta layers.
TJL October 31, 2019
Sorry one more question- do u need to peel the squash? Can’t tell from the image.
Nancy October 31, 2019
Generally no on Delicata as the skin and the squash are both thin, so peeling leaves little squash.
But if the skin is tough or you prefer to peel, go ahead.
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