How much water is in raw swiss chard leaves?

Made lasagna, which I have done many, many times. Sometimes I use an egg in my ricotta cheese mixture, other times I don't or forget to. I have made it before with a layer of baby spinach leaves between the layers but I do NOT recall if those times I used an egg. Just finished making with a layer of raw swiss chard leaves on top of one of the meat and cheese layers and put it in oven (a few minutes ago)-When I realized that I had NOT used an egg this time and there is quite a bit of raw swiss chard this time and now I am worried that I may have ruined it if it becomes too watery. Is there anything I can do or should do at this point in time other than pray? LOL

Christine Vichi


SMSF March 28, 2017
Try this: After baking, let your lasagna rest for a good 15-20 minutes before cutting into it. If you see that it looks watery when you cut that first piece out, tip and prop up the baking dish enough so that the watery stuff can drain into the empty corner where the first piece was. After a few minutes, enough of the water should have drained into the corner (just blot it up with a paper towel) to make the rest of the lasagna much less watery.
Christine V. March 28, 2017
Thank you very much for responding. I took it out early and as you said there was liquid pooling in the corner so I drained it and am letting it cool... and baking it again and cooling again before cutting and serving.
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